Forestfish Fitness Tracker

The Forestfish Fitness Tracker works in calculating your fitness progress. It can count steps, track the distance you covered, and monitors your sleep. It is also a calorie counter, effectively monitoring your progress. It has a version BLE 4.0 Bluetooth for connectivity and it is compatible with IOS and Android phones. It also has a silent alarm that wakes you up. The Forestfish can even function as a remote control for your camera and audio on your phone.
It comes in a comfortable bracelet design that is very convenient and light during workouts. The bracelet has a USB port you can use to charge the device. It is compatible with a number of smartphones.


Here are few comments from people on what they like about the
Forestfish Fitness Tracker

• The bracelet is quite convenient to use, the Bluetooth connection is very easy. Spend several more dollars to get a new band, the price is reasonable.
• It synced up quickly, no problems of charging. It’s very interesting that the charging port is USB and it was built in the bracelet, you should take off it and then you can see it.
• Stylish, easy to use and setup. I am not a huge fitness person but I got it to track my sleep and remote control the music and camera for my iPhone
• I like the bracelet because it its color is nice. And for the function. it tells the time, your steps, calories, & lets you know when you get a phone call with just a touch of a button.
• Size is lighter and handy, the color look nice, since it add motion plus, its features are more powerful than old remote

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