UP 24 by Jawbone is a fitness monitor that allows you take control of your fitness and wellness efforts. This is a sleek wristband that looks more like a bracelet than a fitness band.

It comes in many different colors – including black, red, lemon lime, navy blue, persimmon, and pink coral. You can choose to stand out or have your monitor fade into the background.

It connects to an app on your phone or tablet to help provide you with information about your activity throughout the day as well as your sleep. This device will track the number of steps that you walk and give you additional information about workouts.

It will also track your sleep so that you can determine how much and how well you’re sleeping. Getting enough sleep is a key element of fitness and weight loss and with this monitor you can get an in depth look at your sleep patterns.

This will give you the knowledge you need to make adjustments to your sleep routine. You can also use the app to keep track of what you eat and drink. The app will give your food a “score” that helps you to see how healthy or unhealthy that food is for your body.

If you’re looking to count calories or lose weight, this is a good tool. With this monitor, you can also create personal goals and check to see if you’ve achieved them each day. This will help you create small, achievable goals on a daily basis that add up to big changes in your health and fitness.

One of the greatest features of this monitor is its extensive battery life. You can wear the monitor up to 14 days with just one battery charge. This will allow you to wear it 24 hours a day and get really accurate and helpful information.

Customers who have purchased the UP 24 rave about how easy it is to use, they love the long battery life, and they appreciate how it has helped them reach their health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or you just want to improve your physical fitness, this is a great tool for helping you get the results you want. With the UP 24 by Jawbone, you can monitor your activities effortlessly and get real time data that allows you to make the best possible choices for your health and your goals.


Here are few reasons why people liked the UP 24 by Jawbone Activity Tracker:
• Since I’ve had it, I have dramatically improved my sleep habits. Since May, I have gone from 6.5 hours sleep each night to, now in August, just past 7.5.
• I love this band, this is the one. In my opinion, it’s a huge improvement over the previous version for the user experience alone.
• Personally I love my Jawbone UP24. It has been a huge help to me in my quest to get enough exercise and sleep.
• This is my third tracking band and LOVE it so far.
• The UP24 features new curved design on the top, has a smaller headphone jack that is only used for charging, and now syncs via Bluetooth.

Here are few comments from people why they dislike the UP 24 by Jawbone Activity Tracker:
• So sorry I bothered to order this … would give it ZERO stars if I could.
• Works great as advertised BUT if you should forget to charge it AND let the battery totally die it will never work right again.
• This would be wonderful if it worked. I loved it for the two days that it did. It had battery and sync issues and judging from the reviews here AND the support forums on the Jawbone site, I’m far from the only one. In short, it worked perfectly for two days.
• Bought as a gift for my sister, who loved the functionality — BUT it died after 8.5 months and they are not honoring the 1 year warranty.
• For some of us, it stopped syncing. For others, it wouldn’t start. I personally had huge gaps of time during the day where no data at all was recorded.