Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is a unique device that helps you track your activity throughout the day. When you set fitness goals, it’s helpful to have a monitor that keeps track of what you’re doing so that you can measure your success in an objective way.

This monitor has a wristband with a circular display on top. It looks a lot like a watch, but without any hands or numbers. Instead, you have 12 small lights designed in a circle pattern.

The lights are designed to give you an idea of how active you have been over the course of a day. Those same lights can be used on the time setting to give a watch.

Not only will you have a fitness monitor, but you’ll also enjoy an elegant timepiece. It can track the steps you walk, but it also measures other activities – such as cycling, swimming, soccer, and basketball.

You can use this monitor to track the calories you’ve burned as well as the distance you’ve traveled. This monitor also tracks the amount of sleep you get in any given night.

It tracks your total hours of sleep, but also breaks it down to measure the quality of the sleep you get. You’ll know how much time you spend in deep sleep versus light sleep.

This can help you understand your sleep patterns and even recognize that you have a sleep problem that needs attention. Sleep is critical for helping you stay lean and recover from the impact of exercise and stress.

Misfit Shine uses a replaceable battery instead of a rechargeable battery. That allows you to wear the monitor for as many as six months before you have to worry about replacing the battery.

You don’t have to take it off regularly to recharge. In fact, you can wear it day and night without interruption. The water resistant feature even makes it possible to wear the monitor in the shower.

This monitor also can connect to apps for apple or android devices so that you can collect and analyze information by syncing the monitor with your device. This makes it easy to track how well you’re meeting your goals.

The monitor can be worn on a wristband, but you can also find stylish necklaces and clips that allow you to wear it in different ways. The Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is versatile, stylish, and gives you accurate information about your activities.


Here are few comments from people why they like the Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor:
• It might just be my own experience, but I’m giving Misfit Shine FIVE STAR simply because that it survived my laundry washer and dryer! IT SURVIVED after 30 minutes washing and 40 minutes drying!!! After that night I just can’t leave it!
• I really love my Misfit Shine since my fitness routine consists of 30 minutes on spin machine, 30 min swim, 60 min yoga
• This thing is amazing. It is still waterproof after a couple of battery changes. The watch function is completely reliable.
• the smartphone app is powerful and yet easy to use and reliable and lets me compete against myself, my friends & family
• I don’t need to worry about recharging it every day/few days

Here are few comments from people why they dislike the Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor:
• No matter how hard I tried I could not get the back open on the unit.
• I have only had this product two days and already lost it because the attachment on the band is not reliable. The first day I wore it, the blue tracker part fell off but I was able to recover it.
• This has great features however it keeps falling out of the band.
• I was finally able to get the product to work and I actually liked it and considered changing my review to three or four stars. But then I had to change the battery and my Shine completely died.
• The first disappointment was the Android app for Shine, it just isn’t that great.