The GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System will help you improve your golf game by analyzing your entire round of golf.  Unlike some trackers, this one does more than just provide data about your swing.

This small device will capture a ton of information, but won’t get in the way of your game.  You’ll simply turn on the power, place the device on your belt and then you’re ready to play.

You will also need to install the tags that go with each club.  Then before you take each shot, you’ll need to place the tag next to your device.  This takes less than a second and just requires a simple tap.

After that, your
GAME GOLF will start tracking information.  It uses the club that you’ve chosen, combined with where you are on the course to visualize your entire round of golf.

Rather than analyzing your swing, this device actually helps you get a big picture idea of how you play the entire game.  You’ll be able to visualize the entire round and see both your successes and the mistakes you’ve made.

You can even use the app to share your round of golf on social media or through email.  This app makes it easy to show off your great day on Facebook or Twitter – but if it wasn’t your best performance, you can always choose to keep it to yourself.

You can keep track of your information over time to see trends in your game, improvements or developing issues, and keep an eye on your averages.  For fun, you can also compare your game to that of PGA pros that are programmed in.

You can also create challenges with friends and even create teams.  You can play in completely different countries and still compete with one another.  You can also connect with new golfers in your area or around the world.

Challenges can be created with any statistics you choose – such as longest drive, putting average, or even highest number of pars in a round of golf.  You can customize the challenges to your liking.

Anyone who loves to play golf will enjoy getting this information that can be used to improve his or her game.  You’ll find that no other tracker on the market can compare with the features found on this system.

If you want to keep track of your entire game, not just your golf swing, the GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System is your go-to tracker.



Here are comments from people why they like the
Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System:

  • Most impressive is the company’s commitment to addressing what few flaws the product has.
    This product is probably the most useful golf training tool I’ve used since the swing analyzers first came out a couple of years ago.
  • Overall, very impressed and the fact that they continue to roll out new features on a monthly basis just keeps the excitement rolling
  • Coming from a college athlete this is a great product. It has dropped ten strokes off my score from finally understanding my club lengths. It’s very simple to tap your club to the device.