Keeping track of your fitness and sleep activity has never been easier now that the
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband has arrived. This tool is a must have for anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.

This wristband has a slim design that will fit in with just about any outfit you’re wearing. You can choose to wear it with a small wristband or a large one – both are included.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, gray, and tangerine – which allow you to choose how noticeable it is. You can use this little device to track all kinds of information that will help you evaluate your activity.

You can track the number of steps that you walk, the distance you walk, and the calories that you burn. You can also learn the total number of minutes you were active during the day.

The Fitbit also has a website that will allow you to track your food intake, weight, and keep track of your workouts. You can sync your band to an app or your computer.

This allows you to get a total picture of your health and wellness. Sleep is a critical aspect of good health – and you can also use this wristband to track your sleep.

It will measure how long you sleep, but it will also tell you how well you slept during the night. And you can use it as an alarm that will only wake you and not your sleeping partner.

You can set goals for your activity level and then check the small LED lights embedded in the band to see how close you are to meeting your goals. And if you enjoy friendly competition, you can also use your Fitbit to share your information and compete with your friends throughout the day.

This device is made to be very sturdy and handle daily wear. In fact, you can wear it 24 hours a day – even when you’re in the shower! You can wear it for about five days before you have to recharge it. And charging is easy with the included charger.

You’ll no longer have to use clunky equipment or written logs to keep track of what you’re doing throughout the day. The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband allows you to effortlessly track your activity and your sleep so that you can improve the way you look and feel.


Here are the thumbs up comments from people about Fitbit Flex:
• At a glance- good value, good motivation, function is limited but great product if make good use of it.
• Loving it so far. My activity levels have increased, thanks to the motivation factor.
• I was attracted to the Fitbit Flex because it resides in a bracelet on your wrist. You don’t have to pin it to your clothes-which means it won’t be getting lost.
• This product is dependable and easy to use. It keeps track of my steps more accurately and with greater ease than any pedometer I have ever tried.
• It’s my #1 tool and partner in crime for health and fitness tracking.
Here are the thumbs up comments from people about Fitbit Flex:
• The product itself. It died completely with less than 6 weeks of use
• Fitbit has a great dashboard and is awesome when it works, but they have horrible customer service and will not stand behind the warranty.
• I use a desk treadmill during my workday. My Ultra could accurately count my treadmill steps even with my hands on the keyboard–but not the Flex. If you use a treadmill desk or push a stroller frequently as you walk (keeping your arms somewhat immobile) you will not get a reliable step count from a Flex.
• Worked for 2 months before it quit. Do not recommend this piece of crap to anyone. I am really disappointed in this item.
• Electronic part seems good. But the belts were very fragile.