The Search for the Best Calorie Counter

The best calorie counter works with your activity tracker to tell you how many calories you have lost

The best calorie counter works with your activity tracker to tell you how many calories you have lost

What can the best calorie tracker do to help you lose weight? Basically, fat loss comes down to one simple rule: in order to lose weight and burn fat, you need to make sure that you burn more calories than you consume.

Therefore, if you are burning off more calories than you’re taking in, you will create a deficit and you will start to get slimmer, more toned and more lean.  For those who want to measure all this input and output, there are now activity trackers that can help you do that.

Now at this point, some people might be tempted to point out that ‘not all calories are made equal’ or that they can also lose weight by keeping their blood sugar levels down.

Is that true?

Well, that massively depends on who you ask. It probably is true that not all the calories you consume reach your blood and things like the ‘thermogenic effect’ do play a role. But the impact of these factors is also likely to be very small. And they’re even smaller when you compare them to the huge impact of calories.

No matter what else is true, if you eat fewer calories than you burn then you will lose fat. Simple, straightforward and non-negotiable.

So with that in mind, there are just a few metrics you need to record to absolutely guarantee that you lose weight:

  • Your caloric intake
  • Your exercise
What's the best calorie counter? It's the one you will use!

What’s the best calorie counter? It’s the one you will use!

So begins the search for the best calorie counter. Most activity trackers use their in-built app in order to calculate other interesting data about you. A smart pedometer, for example, will monitor steps and will be able to measure movement. With this metric, t can roughly calculate your calories burned based on your activity (as long as you give it some basic information when you first set it up).

You can also see the number of steps you took, when you were most active, and how many flights of stairs you ascended. With some smart assumptions, your calorie counter can show an estimated calories burned.

Here are some of the best calorie counters available today.


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