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Personal Emergency Alert System

Automatic Emergency Alert System When an elderly person lives away from you, you would want to know immediately if something were to happen to them. Some of the products listed below have saved more lives than any other medical alert service. Many of them are recommended by healthcare professionals. They are waterproof and comfortable and can be worn in the bath or shower and under clothes.    Product List Price Feature Philips Lifeline AutoAlert N/A For homes with a landline phone, get 24/7 fast access to help with the nation's No.1 medical alert serviceAutoAlert automatically calls for help if...

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Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

Fitness Tracker With Heart Monitor Current trackers today offer more advanced features such as the fitness tracker heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitoring used to be achievable only with a chest strap (like the one from Polar). Today though, heart rate monitoring is possible through wrist-worn devices using infrared sensors which effectively film the pulsation of the veins. Some fitness trackers provide constant heart rate tracking, while others need to have that feature switched on during workouts. When its accurate, a fitness tracker heart rate monitor will provide a truly comprehensive picture of your health. When you view the stats through the app or on your computer, you can see how your heart rate changed throughout the day and how things like caffeine and sleep might have affected it. You can also see the number of steps you took, when you were most active, and how many flights of stairs you ascended. You’ll also see your calories burned of course. Is the heart rate monitoring accurate? Overall the answer is yes. A Polar chest strap will still be more accurate but for most people it’s not going to be far off. Your mileage may vary though and it appears that some factors like skin pigmentation may affect just how good a reading you get. Here are some of the most popular fitness tracker heart monitor available today. Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor by Marina |...

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Best Calorie Counter

The Search for the Best Calorie Counter What can the best calorie tracker do to help you lose weight? Basically, fat loss comes down to one simple rule: in order to lose weight and burn fat, you need to make sure that you burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, if you are burning off more calories than you’re taking in, you will create a deficit and you will start to get slimmer, more toned and more lean.  For those who want to measure all this input and output, there are now activity trackers that can help you do...

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